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The Old Gaol Welcome to a Place of History
The Old Gaol




We love living here and we have made lots of new friends.

Life at the The Old Gaol is great. I love walking by the Thames after a hectic day as a forensic scientist.
We’ve not long moved in, but can tell already this has been a great find.
Renos Erotocritou

An attractive alternative
Eileen Thompson was looking to downsize from a large family home with large grounds. She was seeking a smaller more manageable property with good access to town.
After seeing an article in a national paper, she decided to take a look. It was the type of lifestyle change she was looking for and was close to family in Henley.
Eileen comments, “Although I am entering my autumn years, I am not ready for retirement place. The Old Gaol is perfect as it ticks every box for me. I can walk to town for my shopping or catch a bus right outside if I want to go in Oxford. I also love cruises, so I plan to try the pleasure boat between Oxford and Abingdon.
“My car in now redundant so I’m seriously considering selling it. With the forthcoming gym and restaurants on site and having property looked after by an estate manager, I’ve found a real gem of a new home.
The scheme offered much better value than any retirement scheme I had looked at, and the opportunity to re-sell, should I need to, will be to a broader market.
“The building looks wonderful and the internal finish is superb. I’m telling all my friends what enjoyable place The Old Gaol is to live in”.

The Early Bird...
30 year old Matthew Duckett, was one of the first to move into The Old Gaol. With the help of his parents, Matthew was looking to buy an apartment in a quality development with access to good local amenities and social life. Seeing an advertisement in the local paper, Matthew and his parents went to take a look.
The appeal for Matthew was the location on the river, the private grounds and the forthcoming gym and restaurants.
Matthew comments “Having lived in Abingdon-on-Thames for five years, I know what the town has to offer; there are plenty of great places to socialise with friends. I love running along the Thames, which is now right on my doorstep. It’s everything I hoped it would be – and more!”
Matthew’s father Ray add, “Cranbourne really have done a fantastic job. The older buildings work very well with the new build and they all benefit from lovely grounds right on to the river. Matthew has made a great choice of property”.

A new perspective
Having moved into the development seven months ago, Megan Williams has never looked back. She explain, “I’m a true Oxonian, so I really wanted to stay near to the area I know.
“Our family home of 45 years on Cumnor Hill, Oxford was becoming hard to manage. It was a little remote and not seeing anyone for days on end, it was time for a change!
“The Old Gaol has opened up a whole new life for me. I’ve made lots of lovely friends and there is always someone to chat to.
“My apartment faces the beautiful private gardens and Twickenham House, which is very picturesque. Being so close to town and its amenities has meant I have been able to give up my car, of which my granddaughter Megs is now the proud owner.
“There are lots of impressive things about living at the Old Goal. One that stands out for me is the excellent service and care we have been given by the sales staff and by Cranbourne. It has made the transition to a new life as smooth as possible”.

An education in Abingdon-on-Thames
Oleg Gurkov and Liubov Zavolotskaya bought a property at The Old Gaol to be close to Abingdon School where their son is studying.
Liubov comments “The Old Gaol is a very friendly place where we have been able to grow into a little community. We love living here as there are so many facilities available to us. I just love walking or taking a boat down the Thames, while my husband Oleg has become a keen fisherman. Our son who is 15, is really enjoying his time at Abingdon School and has exceeded our expectations by achieving near top marks in his recent exam results”.

Quick off the mark
Keen not to miss out at The Old Gaol, Susan Shepherd and her husband Tony decided to buy an apartment before they had even sold their own family home on Boars Hill.
They made arrangements to view the scheme after receiving a copy of our first Newsletter! They were both so impressed by how the scheme was progressing they wanted to go along and see if it was as good in the flesh and on the first visit they were sold on living here.
Tony, whose jazz band (left) played at the recent garden party comments, “We had a very good impression of the scheme from the literature we’d read and when we went on site, it certainly met our expectations.
“We had a good feeling about the development and the staff who have led us through our sale. We are really looking forward to moving in”.
The Old Gaol has been a great find; it’s truly amazing!